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Experiential Learning

Only listening and watching? Real learning happens through action. In our seminars and training you learn by doing and experimenting. With your hands. Your voice. Your body.


Experiences spontaneous self-organization in a constantly changing environment and learn to how operate effectively as a team outside of established structures.,


A good story evokes images and captures the audience. Learn how to use inspiring stories to communicate your key message in a professional setting.


Can an engaging presence and charismatic entrance be learned? YES. With the proper use of body language, voice and emotions you can enhance your personal presence.


We support you and your business with methods from the world of improvisation and theatre.

Comfort Zone

Learning happens when you step outside of your comfort zone. Where the ice is thinner. Where life is more risky. With each step on this thin ice you enlarge your own comfort zone. We offer you a safe space to take these first steps.